Corporate Wellness

Wellness by choice workshops

The Time-Zone workshops

This package is a specially designed holistic programme for those who work erratic hours across varied time zones and shifts. Our custom design work-out plans ensure that your wealth power is maximized without hampering your health power! If working late hours is 'getting you all worked up', follow our wellness plans and increase your efficiency and up your energy levels.

Positive stress workshops

If project deadlines, performance targets and pressures get you stressed out, this fitness workshop is just right for you. It is designed to activate the natural "wellness" mechanism in you. We equip you with ways to deal with any kind of work load without getting bogged down by it and to use stress positively to activate the energy within you.

Nutrition Plan Workshop

Finding it "hard to digest"? Then this is a special programme geared to help those plagued with digestive disorders as a result of hectic lifestyles and erratic eating habits. So if you suffer from frequent bouts of acidity, constipation, gas etc here is a powerful but effective and scientifically designed nutrition workshop to combat all your digestion and weight problems.

New me workshops

This workshop is design to help you uncover the glowing you within. So stop criticizing the way you look, instead help us help you discover the healthier, happier you. This wellness programme helps you discover a new "you" within; a life altering programme that will help you shape up and look at yourself with new eyes. You can choose from the three month or six month package deals we offer.

Breathe right workshops

Increase your vitality by breathing right, channelize your energies, increase your creativity and discover inner calm. Choose from our range of weekly sessions on yoga and meditation.

Attune workshops

If you have run through life so fast that you have lost track of who you are and where your going- stop right here to find yourself. Get back into the rhythm of your life and attune yourself. This wellness programme has just the right techniques that will equip you to get in sync and attuned to your centre. You can chose to opt for invidual sessions or group sessions. Minimum 21 sessions, 60 minutes, recommended weekly.

Dance-along workshops

This is one of our popular workshops that helps participants discover the joy of life through celebration. Discover the dancer in you! Celebrate, sing and enjoy exhilarating music that would fill you with energy and vitality and bring you richness galore. This workshop session is recommended bi-weekly 60 minutes each.

Fitness workshops:

For the more adventurous and active sport spirited amongst you, we have a variety of fitness workouts. These are designed by our fitness experts and have wide ranging activities from Boot-camp, Kick-boxing, Pilates, Abs workout and Body tone workouts.

Gym and spa consultation

Spa training workshops
Spa Set up

If you have plans to open a spa or are planning to add value to your current health business, let us guide you towards a successful spa establishment.

Staff training

Highly skilled staff is a boon in your spa business. Customer service, selling techniques, application of knowledge, updating skills, personal etiquette etc are some of the crucial elements which can define your sales and productivity.

In-house training is a necessity whether you are a hotel or an established day spa. Motivate and empower your staff with our specialized refresher courses. We have specific one-day and three day intensive courses, that focus on various spa treatments, menu plans, sales, customer service, advanced massage techniques and more.

Call us now for your own spa specific workshop and increase business!

Gym training workshops:
Gym Setup

We are gym set-up consultants. We provide professional services in setting up the latest cost-effective options, customized to suit your space and budgets constraints. Be it at home, office or housing society complex.

Studio setup

Consult us to start your own dance studio.
We can provide you with technical expertise needed to choose the appropriate equipment and flooring for a dance studio. We will design a variety of fitness and dance plans for you.

Gym training

Upgrade and qualify your staff with the latest changes in the fitness industry. We offer day long training workshops that center on sales, client retention, fitness marketing, exercise techniques etc. Increase your memberships and enrollments by keeping your staff updated.

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